Trading Floor Environments

Around fifty percent of Technology at Work’s customer base is in the financial sector and/or in the City of London. The majority of these Clients have some form of trading facility.

From securities and bonds to equities, commodities and energy our Clients operate ‘real-time information’ based businesses. The stability and constant availability of this information and the infrastructure that delivers it is the very lifeblood of these companies. Meeting industry compliance criteria is a statutory requirement.

Technology at Work has extensive knowledge and experience in the design, specification and installation of trading floor solutions.

In close co-operation with space planners and bespoke desking providers Technology at Work advise not only on the technology that supports these environments but in the way the trading facility actually works. Business groups and their proximity to back office and administrative staff are pre-requisite consideration as much as the design of dual redundant and fault tolerant services to the desk top.

Our scope of operation thus extends from the layout of the trading floor to the distribution of trading system applications and associated technologies.

Resilience is the key to the technological design and Technology at Work investigate dual routing of external circuit providers, diverse routing of internal copper and fibre cabling as well as the dual redundancy of LAN and WAN hardware configuration.

Functionality at the desk-top is a major focus and Technology at Work work closely with trading system suppliers and telephony providers to deliver fully integrated trading platforms including market data feeds such as Reuters and Bloomberg.

Environmental and support issues such as heat output and application administration often result in the implementation of PC/Server farms which, in turn, affects the way we design and layout comms rooms that support the trading facility.

· Desking Solutions
· Dual redundancy design
· Trading System and telephony integration
· Voice recording
· Market Data Feeds
· PC/Server Farms
· Plasma Screens
· ‘Ticker Boards’
· Flat Panel Technologies
· Resilient Internet Access