Relocation Services

Careful and detailed planning of any relocation is not only essential but it’s the only way to guarantee success. Technology at Work has an extensive track record of successfully planning, managing and physically relocating the IT equipment of corporate organisations.

Technology at Work advises clients on process, resource, risk assessment/aversion and contingency planning and offer a complete service to ultimately take ownership of these issues.

Relocation is not only a complex logistical exercise but it is also an opportunity to take stock and focus on individual user needs.

Most of our clients undertake an enterprise wide equipment audit that very often becomes the basis of relocation documentation including patching schedules and user profiles etc. It is also used by finance departments to validate or renew financial asset registers.

To ensure that the information obtained from the Audit is not invalidated prior to the relocation, Technology at Work, in conjunction with IT and Facilities Departments, invoke change control procedures.

Our attention to these details is paramount to our ability to deliver the prerequisite technical and physical activities.

Ensuring the safe transfer of mission critical systems, typically in short timescales and in frenetic circumstances, is not only high risk but its hard work. Almost without exception this work is undertaken out of office hours and our staff often work through the night to ensure that its business as usual for our customers on the Monday morning.

· Comprehensive RelocationRelocationRelocationDetailed Move Planning
· Risk assessment and risk aversion strategy
· Contingency Planning
· Technology Audits/Asset Register
· Change Control Polices and Procedures
· Connectivity Schedules – Patching, desk/number allocation etc.
· Server and IT systems decommissioning, relocation and re-commissioning
· Log-in Scripts and commissioning
· Print Queue Reassignment
· Temporary Helpdesk Facility