Design Team Integration

As such a high proportion of our work is undertaken due to change in our Clients’ environments our integration into professional design teams is essential.

The Directors of Technology at Work have worked in close association to the construction industry for over 12 years and the Company is fully conversant with the mechanics of main contractor environments.

We are more frequently becoming one of the first organisations to be appointed by Clients either directly or via one of the other design/project team members. Our role becoming more and more pivotal as businesses depend more and more on technology.

The integration of the team is critical to the success of the project and understanding each team members’ remit and modus operandi is key to the ability to collaborate.

Technology at Work works closely with the Client and his representatives from the very inception of the project in order for us to gain an early understanding of their business, archtictural and environmental aspirations.

Our role is as much about fulfilment of our Client’s corporate objectives as it is the delivery of the requisite facilitating technologies.

· Desking Solutions
· Dual redundancy design
· Trading System and telephony integration
· Market Data Feeds
· PC/Server Farms
· Plasma Screens
· ‘Ticker Boards’
· Flat Panel Technologies
· Broadband Internet Access
· Wireless technologies